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Python 2.7 Released

The production version Python 2.7 is now available. Several features from Python 3.1 have been backported including language features such as the syntax for set literals, dictionary and set comprehensions, and multiple context managers in a single with statement.

These are great features of Python 3 and I’m sure I’ll use them in my Python 2.7 code, but I can’t help wondering if they also reduce the motivation for developers to move to Python 3. Are there enough compelling Python 3-only features to help promote the “upsell”?

One Response to “Python 2.7 Released”

  1. on 18 Jul 2010 at 07:03Rob V

    A killer feature of Python 3 which won’t appear in Python 2 is the cleaning up of text v. binary data. A str is now unicode and encoded text is pure binary data stored in a bytes type.

    Rob V