The Safety Net

The Safety Net

Grey matters in technology by Safe Hammad

James Bond Film Title Generator
15 Feb 2021

“My name is Bond… James Bond." James Bond is a fictional British secret agent created by Ian Fleming in 1953. Originally the subject of novels and short stories, James Bond has featured in a hugely successful franchise of films spanning decades. (more)

The Goat of Monte Carlo
24 Dec 2020

Although it has been several years since I wrote my last personal blog post, the prospect of writing about a centuries old mathematical problem involving goats, and my solution to it in Clojure, was too tempting to resist! (more)

Is English Tonal?
31 Mar 2013

An interesting feature of several widely used Asian languages is that they’re tonal. In tonal languages, changing the intonation of what seems to be the same word (at least to the Western ear) can markedly change the meaning of that word. (more)

The Freedom of the City
13 Sep 2012

A couple of days ago I visited the beautiful John Rylands Library in Manchester with the family. Within the library is a document recording the honour of “Freedom of the City of Manchester” awarded to Enriqueta Augustina Rylands, third wife of John Rylands, when she founded the library in 1899. (more)

Our Days are Numbered
28 Oct 2011

Whenever I learn a new word in any language, I often find myself comparing that word with equivalent words in other languages. I was recently thinking about words for days of the week in various languages. (more)

Be Good to your Colon (in your Python Code)
10 Aug 2011

Programmers spend more time reading code than writing it (a fact well known by most programmers who tend not to publicise this to their employers). It therefore stands to reason that (most? (more)

Django JavaScript Integration - Book Review
10 Apr 2011

Front cover Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery is a book about the building of Ajax-enabled web applications using Django and jQuery. Django has rapidly shot to fame as the most popular web development framework for the Python programming language. (more)

Pro Python - Book Review
14 Mar 2011

Front cover A recent thread on the Python Northwest mailing list asked for opinions on Marty Alchin‘s book, Pro Python. I thought I’d reproduce the answer I gave and expand on it a little. (more)

Cracks on the Surface
7 Jan 2011

The recent freeze and thaw of the canal beside where I live has produced a beautiful natural phenomenon. Cracks in the surface ice reminiscent of neurons with pronounced dendrites have appeared in random locations. (more)

The Circles of Satisfaction
4 Dec 2010

What motivates us to get a job? The instinctive answer for many might be: “To earn money!” And what motivates us to stay in that job? A member of the developed world might then pause for thought and mutter enlightened words such as “fulfilment” and “sense of worth”. (more)

13 Oct 2010

About The django-hessian library serves objects via Django using the Hessian RPC protocol. Requirements The django-hessian library requires a version of the mustaine Python Hessian library >=0.1.3 which includes a Hessian WSGI server implementation. (more)

Hessian RPC
16 Oct 2009

Over the last few days I’ve been playing with Hessian, “a compact binary protocol for connecting web services”. In my previous company we used Hessian extensively for communicating between a Java thick client and a Java Apache Tomcat HTTP server with good success. (more)